BEHOLD THE LIGHT - Lionsgate workshop with Hansu Jot & Ardas Chandra

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Hansu Jot and Ardas Chandra will be hosting an online experience together on August 8th, also known as the Lion’s Gate, a great cosmic portal for manifestation when we commit to a life of great courage and grace.

This experience BEHOLD THE LIGHT will have two parts:

Hansu Jot will guide you into the zero space with a sound journey and a meditative experience (Part I) getting you ready for creating the future, then we’ll take a few minutes break and continue with Ardas Chandra’s guidance with a journaling session, unlocking the power of our mind and this wonderful ability called imagination (Part II).

The link will be sent out on the day as well as a ready-to-print mini-workbook to support your visionary journey.

Pre-register now, get the early bird ticket price, until July 31st — $44 US, From August 1st, ticket price rises — $55 US