Authentic Communication and Expression

Authentic Communication and Expression 

Everything in the universe is made of sound. Waves of creation that manifest themselves as matter as they pass through the “gate of consciousness”,  under the “eye of the observer”. 

What does that mean? It means that nothing exists unless it is witnessed, looked at and it means that we as self conscious beings literally create our own reality. 

We are not victims of the circumstances as we so often tend to believe. We are not bound to fate and to live our lives like leaves scattered in the wind. No we are the creators of our lived reality and have the potential to be the masters of our lives, we are destined to walk in the glory of our consciousness and live our lives according to our highest potential as human beings. 

The way we express ourselves reflects our consciousness and determines how we create our reality. By becoming aware and subtle about the way we utter the word and communicate with our environments we become aware and subtle about life itself in all its facets thus we cultivate the habit of mastery in our lives. 

Coming from a space of deep listening we start to vibrate. We use the channels of expression and refine our skills of communication, intuitively finding the correct frequencies and applying the expression of sound accordingly. On the way we release old traumas, heal our relationships, set our energies right for success, prosperity and happiness to enter our lives. All by developing a conscious relationship to the universal sound. 

Let us come together, listening to the voice within, the voice of Soul and the voice of the universe which is constantly communicating with us. We just have to give it space to be heard. 

Infinite Blessings 

Hansu Jot

Rebirthing into our full potential

Rebirthing into our full potential 

Be you and walk the path of your destiny – a deeply transformative workshop to unfold the true potential of your being. 

A new time is dawning upon us. The energies of the Age of Aquarius are increasing and bring inevitable changes with it. Dynamics and attitudes of the past start to not work anymore and bring suffering and frustration if we try to sustain them by force. 

It leaves us with two choices either we start to thrive by flowing with the Universe and rise into the full potential of our human existence or we try to keep things how they were and keep blocking us for the changes that are happening all around and within us. 

But the moment we start to listen to the inner voice of our soul and walk the path, miracles happen, healing happens, prosperity enters our lives and we start to thrive. 

In this workshop we put ourselves into a conscious process of releasing the blocks of our subconscious mindfield, aligning our mind with meditation and mantra and allow to open ourselves for the space of meditative communication with our soul. In this state of continuous listening we are able to apply our intuition and just know what is there to know and feel what is there to feel. It is the state of a self sensory human being and the state of the Human of the Aquarian Age. 

With the technology of Kundalini Yoga taught by Yogi Bhajan we gently go through the process, release and integrate the experiences. We will go into Physical Kryia, Meditation, Pranayama, and use the deeply healing effects of Sacred Sound and Mantra Chanting to unfold our true potential in these blessed and transformative times. 

May we walk with compassion in our hearts to elevate each other 

May we have the courage to look honestly at our blocks and allow to let them go 

May we be humble and stay connected to the Love that binds our very existence in the sweet vibration of the Holy Song 

Sat Naam 

Hansu Jot

Connect to the heart and be in the Now

“Connect to the heart and be in the Now” – a Kundalini Yoga workshop experience for those who long to enter the path of simpleness and truth. 

Our life and our human existence has been given to us as a blessing so we as the infinite, limitless consciousness of the divine spirit that we are can experience ourselves in the blink of a lives moment through the finite vessel of body, mind and soul. 

This is the path we have bestowed upon ourselves to release the burden of karma and samskara and begin to walk on the path of service unto the One which we call Dharma. 

And as we release, clean and re-connect to the truth within it all, we begin to feel a lightness, simpleness and vastness of a space in where we start to realize that all is connected in this field of creation we call universe. Through this field we know things, deeply sense and feel it. Deception is not possible as we sense into it with clear mind and intuition at work. We start to take things as they are, not putting more or less to it, not coloring it in negative or positive judgement but simply as they are, neutral, authentic, unclouded, divinely beautiful. We have entered the space of the heart: a space of acceptance and allowance, compassion and reception. Our sensory system recalibrated unto the true self of our human experience guiding us as we keep on walking on and on towards our very destiny, fulfilling our true purpose here on earth and as we align back into the quantumfield of life our busy mind surrenders and we find ourselves in the space of Now. 

Let us lift the clouds of forgetfulness in where we tend to make things more complicated than they are. Life is simple and in its simpleness mirascously beautiful. Only our commitment is needed to put the energy in to release, to enlighten our vision and to elevate ourselves unto the truth. 

May we live with courageous heart, accepting our tasks, facing the challenges. May we walk this path with a steady pace and with a smile on our face. 

May we allow our souls to come through, receiving the blessings of human experience and may we be humble as the mind bows to the heartspace in devotion, connection and love. 

What we will do in this workshop: 

• Kundalini yoga exercises to release the tension of the body 

• Balance the tendencies of the mind 

• Pranayam to connect to the live force and experience abundant energy and vitality 

• Facilitating the sacred sound to align our emotions and express the truth of the soul 

• Deep relaxation which is the foundation of healing and success of every living being

Relax and Rejoice - The path of happiness

„Relax and Rejoice“ 

Stress is when the outside pressure is not matched with the inner inteligence and it has become the root of the diseases of the modern times.

The problem is simple. As we are giving into the stress the mind creates its stories and we are not living from the source of ourselves, we are living from the source of our mind games. And there is a gap between our life and our true selves and it is utterly painful. Instead of just living the life and enjoying our given breath we are dragging through life and then we need to cover up the pain as we try cope with it. It is a living hell. And diseases are waiting in front of our doorsteps.

However it is not the solution to just reduce the external pressure and withdraw from our responsibilities.
In order to live a happy and successful life we must educate and train ourselves to answer under the pressure with a strong nervous and balanced glandular system, a controlled breath and applied intelligence.

And as we re-connect to the source of ourselves we enter the space of relaxation – the foundation of healing and prosperity.

Life is the experience of our breath and through the breath we can elevate any circumstance and pressure.
It is our birthright to be happy and live a life of vitality and joy.

What we will practise:
- Kundalini Yoga sets to release the stress of our physical bodies 
- exercises and meditation to clear the mind of our subconscious stories
- breathing exercises to strenghten the nervous system
- exercises to balance the glandular system
- facilitate the Sacred Sound (Naad) to communicate with the mind and release the old patterns in the mindfield.
- practising the „Art of deep relaxation.“


From inner grace to prosperity

In todays reality most of the people in modern society live their lives chasing. 
Chasing for money and satisfaction, for love and for security, for happiness, for fun or even chasing for God and spirituality. We use our lives energy chasing after things after things and when we get what we thought we wanted, we find we’re still not happy. So we run after the next thing, thinking this will give us eventually the happiness that we feel we deserve. But there is a duality in this attitude, which by law of the universe will prevent the happiness and true prosperity to enter into our lives.  We attract what we vibrate as the universe is interconnected and resonates with the frequency of our vibration. And when we trust in the abundance of the ever-giving universe the flow of trust comes back manifesting into our lives. But it is not enough to intellectually know all this because it is our subconscious mind, which controls over 90% of our decision-making and it is therefore crucial for our success to begin to clean on a subconscious level. 
And as we become clearer letting go of our hidden patterns and underlying agendas we invite within us a state of inner grace, which will attract very naturally the success and prosperity into our lives. Because the shocking truth is that we have not come here to live in the attitude of beggars who take and take. We have come here to be prosperous and happy so we can share the love and the joy to walk gracefully upon the earth. 
We will apply the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, practice exercises of Kryia and Meditation to begin the process of subconscious cleansing to establish and nurture the state of grace within us. We will use the sacred mantra to reach even the unconscious realms of our minds and release the stress that is basically keeping us from living our very destiny. 
It is time to shine, share and live a life in prosperity and divinity. 

Crystallize the Self and radiate the light