Healing Sound

Healing Sound and Naad Yoga Course 

The whole world is made of sound and the vibrations that we send out are the expressions of ourselves and making us therefore co-creators of our inner and outer reality.  

The way we express ourselves reflects our consciousness and determines how we create our reality. By becoming aware and subtle about the way we utter the word and communicate with our environments we become aware and subtle about life itself in all its facets thus we cultivate the habit of mastery in our lives. 

Coming from a space of deep listening we start to vibrate. We use the channels of expression and refine our skills of communication, intuitively finding the correct frequencies and applying the expression of sound accordingly. On the way we release old traumas, heal our relationships, set our energies right for success, prosperity and happiness to enter our lives. All by developing a conscious relationship to the universal sound. 

There is no external sound more touching to us than the sound of our own voice as it reflects and expresses our inner feelings in all its colours and emotions into the world communicating with our environments.  

Together we go on a journey into our voice and into the inherent sound current called “Naad”. We will explore the fundamental emotions that are all present in our everyday lives, consciously or unconsciously.  

With different exercises and meditations we balance our chakras and through the sound of our voice we open up a channel to our emotions, feelings and a whole world of colours that are waiting to be lived and expressed in a conscious and divine way. 

Let us come together, listening to the voice within, the voice of Soul and the voice of the universe which is constantly communicating with us. We just have to give it space to be heard. 

Infinite Blessings 

Hansu Jot 

What will practise in this course: 

Connecting into the Silent Shunia space 
Awakening the power of the navel 
Transforming the energies into the heart center 
Exercises to reconnect to our true voice 
Emotional balance through the science of Naad Yoga 
Authentic expression from Soul