Sacred Sound & Creative Movement with Hansu Jot & Adarsh

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ZOOM - 10am LA // 6pm Paris (checkyour timezone)

Sound of Oneness and Movements of Grace come together from across continents to share a 2-hour experience of sacred sound and creative movement with you. In this workshop, you will experience:

Deep listening and attunement to your senses and soul Opening your voice and your 5th chakra center of creative expression Soothing your nervous system and building your aura with Celestial Communication movements Relaxation and recalibration of your energy Divine guidance and harmonizing between the polarities of finite and infinite

This is an opportunity for a major tune-up and to create a vibratory field ~ both for yourself and for the planet.

"I feel the collaboration of Adarsh's Celestial Communication movement and Hansu Jot's music is so incredibly powerful. It feels very otherworldly and has the capacity to transport me which is not an easy thing to do! I can't really even put my feelings into words but I know, in the very depths of my soul, how special it is and am grateful to be able to experience it." ~ Lisa H