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Seva Experience, Jumeirah Beach Road, 27B Street, Villa 5/1B Jumeirah 1, Postcode: 413752, Dubai

Letting Go of Trauma and Old Habits

“It is not the circumstances that define us, but the way we respond to them.”

We are always given the choice to face a challenge with fear or with love. The latter allows us to move on unharmed and thrive in any situation, while the former leaves us scarred and traumatised. This trauma endures until we thoroughly process the energies which cause the experience of ongoing anxiety and fear that we hold in our system.

In Kundalini Yoga and through meditative practises, we intentionally allow the frequency of our brain to change so that we may enter a meditative state. This allows our subconscious mind to release old energies which are holding us back from living our lives to their fullest potential.

An afternoon of Kundalini Yoga, Live angelic healing channeling, inspiring talks and sacred chanting. To be joyful, happy and successful is our birthright as human beings. Claim it.

350 AED