About Meditative Healing

Meditative Healing™ is a method within the field of complementary therapies. It is the outcome of the meeting of ancient transformative meditations, the energetic elevation of Bhakti Yoga and the modern expertise of deep psychology. Meditative Healing™ is to generate health, healing and the natural body-mind state of balance. It harmonizes the dynamic relationship between subtle dimensions and the tangible world.

Having a Healing session

A healing session of Meditative Healing™ begins with an exploration of the issues affecting the patient (physical and non-physical). Then, the patient lies down in a comfortable way to receive a Meditative Healing™ treatment. These sessions take up to an hour. After the session, the patient may ask for feedback and tips to continue nurturing the healing process and /or how to discontinue the deeper driving forces that build unhealthy habits and conditions.

The three main uses of Meditative Healing™:

  • For overcoming illness
  • For preventing illness (by enhancing health, vitality and decreasing stress levels)
  • For developing awareness

Depending on the particularities of the cases of people seeking a Meditative Healing™ session, a person can take one single session, a session once in a while, or consecutive sessions over a period of time. The effects produced by Meditative Healing™ will vary according to each case.

Some effects of the Meditative Healing™:

  • It can cure ailments and pains of the physical body, the mind or the emotional body.
  • It can remove normal and chronic depressions and the aftermath of “burn-outs”.
  • It reduces anxiety & stress and it gradually dissolves the patterns behind them.
  • It helps to overcome emotional traumas and psychological pain.
  • It provides mental clarity and more awareness.
  • It helps achieve a better and deeper sleep.
  • It improves general health, vitality and vigor.
  • It enhances calmness and peace within.
  • It stimulates personal growth.

Note: Meditative Healing™ does not constitute a medical advice, practice or a panacea, but it is rather an alternative or complementary path towards health.

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