Shunya and the healing sound

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O Yoga Schöneberg, Gleditschstraße 37, Berlin

SHUNIYA & THE HEALING SOUND a journey of healing and transformation

With Sound and Mantra, Silence and Deep Listening - with Kundalini Yoga, Sacred Chanting, and deep meditation - Hansu Jot and il'il Sat Prem will take you on a journey of healing and transformation, a journey of self discovery, expression and love.

“In stillness lies the sound, which is the creative existence of God….”

In the beginning was the Sound… and the Sound emerged out of deep Silence. It is with a cry that we enter this world! Our voice is a divine gift. There is probably no sound more touching to us than the sound of human voice, the sound of our own voice… But how do we use it? And what do we express? The whole universe is vibrating - what vibrations do we create?

With Sound we express our unique Being - with our voice we become co-creators of this world - but so often we lose the connection to it, and do not dare to consciously use it anymore: maybe we have been told that we can’t sing, or maybe we had to keep silent, or were not encouraged to express our feelings and needs. But if we suppress our voice, we suppress our very existence.

In this workshop we will go on a journey into our voice, into the inherent sound current called “Naad”, and into the experience of sacred Mantras. Exploring our fundamental emotions, through different exercises and meditations - we will balance our chakras and with the sound of our own voice, open up a channel to our emotional experience, and a whole world of colors that are waiting to be experienced and expressed in a conscious and divine way.

” …whoever masters the stillness and the silence and can read it, gets all the knowledge which exists.” Yogi Bhajan

Deep within and beyond all Sound is Silence, Shuniya. In all meditative and yogic traditions, inner silence was respected as the highest achievement. In our daily lives this seems very difficult and only achieved by higher yogis. In this workshop, we will learn and practice an amazingly easy approach to achieving inner silence. These simple techniques will help you stay silent in the hustle and stress of your daily life. It is through the experience of Shuniya, that you can observe with clarity the waves of sensations, feelings and thoughts. Recognising the moment where you are pulled into your drama, you have the choice to let your emotions pass by you without being attached to them… Being in Shuniya has an incredibly healing effect. The Emptiness, the complete surrender which is Shuniya - attracts everything to it, and attracts to you everything you need. You are taken care of. You learn to be Nothing, and become Everything.


Discover a deeply authentic way to live life - cultivating your inner Silence - develop a true appreciation for everything that exists. Learning to express your unique Self using the divine gift of your voice, experience how true spontaneity develops in your life - a perfect harmony of Being.

Join us for this transformative, blissful day!

price for the whole day: 85 early bird - before 11.1: 75 bring a friend and pay: 70 price for half the day: 55

Registration: ilil@golden-healing.com 01738594544 / call or WhatsApp